Tyga Faces $157K Lawsuit


Tyga has reportedly been hit with a lawsuit worth $157K over a 2014 Land Rover.

According to reports, Tyga had leased the vehicle; Range Rover ATB from a company called Midway HFCA and failed to return it. The vehicle was said to have been technically abandoned when it was left at a repair shop named Final Touch Collision without ever being retrieved. This lead to a default on his lease.

Midway is now sueing Tyga for fraud, he would have to pay $3,998 over 36 months, with the option to eventually purchase the Range Rover. Although several payments were made, $22,739 were in arrears at the time of the court filing that demanded $202,739 in damages.

Tyga does not seem to acknowledge the suit as he failed showing up to court. The ended up ruling in favor of Midway by issuing a default judgment of $141k in damages in addition to interest and legal fees. The total to be paid is $157,152.60.

The rapper has a bigger suit to think about as he is also being sued by a club in Dubai for allegedly bailing on a gig. The club claims the damaged caused by Tyga’s actions amount to $1,482,000 in damages.